Thursday, 26 April 2007

< K-Drama ~ The Devil / Mawang >

The Devil / Mawang Opening Video by din9d0n9

Mawang Trailer (long version) by ncarnadine29

This drama still airing in Korea and so far only till EP 10. Keep reminding myself not to go too fast wait till my neck long long for the nx ep!!! This drama had a very diff story line, not like those fairy tales. Is abt how a police detective and a librarian trace down a serial killer. Is very very mysterious drama and keep guessing who were the nx victim. Found Joo Ji Hoon so so in this drama but this Uhm Tae Woong acting is very good!

Saturday, 21 April 2007

< K-Movie - 200 Pounds Beauty >

Jus comepleted this wonderful movie. Is abt how a fat & ugly girl became a beautiful girl after plastic surgery. A very touching movie and tons of wonderful songs.

Rate: 9/10

200 Pound Beauty- Kim Ah Joong- Maria / uploaded by jiaan

200 Pounds Beauty OST - Kim Ah Joong - Beautiful Girl / uploaded by aquamarine88

Byul (OST 200 Pounds Beauty) / uploaded by Konagei

K-Drama - Foxy Lady

Another drama on "姐弟恋" but this round the age diff is 9 yrs old!!!. Quite sweet comedy romance drama but cant really stand both of them esp when the boyish guy call the sister "BABY" ...they are totally NOT MATCH!!!
I dun thk i got the courange to accept a romance with someone who is 9 yrs jnr than me. well...but i can understand ..Love are blind!!

Few great songs in this drama ;)

Rate: 6/10

Sunday, 8 April 2007


Yes, layouts!!! Finally get my butts off to that screen!!! well, DH had gave some serious warning abt it and i thk is also the time for me to get back to my SB world :D Did these few layouts over the long weekend :

1) Pretty Young Thing - Feb UYS Challenge, set by use 7G pps, 7G Certified stamps, Ribbons & hambly overlay. Use your hambly overlay on photo and more than 3 pps.

2) N2 Cerilynn - Jacq Mthly Challenge LO ~ Jan 2007

3) CNY 2007 - Jacq Mthly Challenge ~ Feb 2007



Lovers in Prague [OST] - 단 하나의 사랑 (Dan Ha Na Eh Sarang)
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Bot this show cos it had 50% discount! wow is been a long time i saw drama in big TV screen...This made me dun feel like going back to the small screen ;)
So so story but nice scenery at Prague. Love the wrinkles appear on the lead actress nose when she laugh. Haha me and dd had been saying "Miluji Te" (I love U) to each other after this drama ;)

Rate: 5/10


Bot C to SDC last Sunday. We enjoy the 2D & 3D movies. Finally got a chance to show C how is mimosa look like ;)


Went to Sentosa with C's Godmother & frens on 24 Mar 07. Tot of introduce Sentosa to C but end up spending the whole morning @ Siloso beach ;). Cerilynn was sooo happy when seeing the pool...She soak herself in the pool even w/o her bikini on ;). Well, i have a relaxing morning. Some photos to share:

Monday, 2 April 2007

< K-Drama - Dal Ja's Spring >

CR-Dal Ja's Spring Opening Theme
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This is a comedy love show. Starting quite boring...but get hook after ep 10.

Rate: 6/10