Wednesday, 21 November 2007

< Surprise, Surprise, Surprise >

Another surprise from super quick swap. This wonderful package is from Janel Goyette (rockstarjanel). Thanks you dear. Love the form stars very much and Cerilynn had confiscated the "smelly" eraser!!!

Tuesday, 20 November 2007

< First ... >

******* 1st Swap Package
(super quick swap) i received Way Too Happy from Aimeejanie. Thank You


******* 1st "Button Fairy"

for the Button Fairy [International] swap. Will definately going to make more! love it!

Thursday, 15 November 2007

< Christmassy Mood >

Frosty How i wish i can have a white christmas this year I'll Think About It

hahaaa yes i am in christmassy mood now! THanks Caz for this awsome xmas template!! Cant wait for the xmas to come :D. They are few things i did to remind myself before santa come and whack my head ;) ...

1) Scrapbook layout - more & more layout pls..dun be lazy!
2) Xmas present - better start doing otherwise you will be late!!!
3) Set up the xmas tree - better set up this wkend otherwise Cerilynn will nag non-STOP!
4) Vintage Christmas Stocking to Sheila -
She love anything that looks time worn, destressed and vintage (to be mail by 1st Dec 07)
5) swaping at swap-bot :
a) Super Quick Swap - sent!
b) Christmas Card Swap - to be send by 10 Dec 07
c) Christmas (fun) time matchbox swap - to be send by 30 Nov 07
d) Fridge magnet for
crweixelman - to complete and send out by 16 Nov 07

Wednesday, 7 November 2007

< Christmas Swap >

Yes :D Chistmas swap again!!! Now u know how much i Heart GlassesChristmas and Swapping !!! Had jus join in the fun at Swapping Community and below are the followings swap that i had join:
  • Super Quick Swap
  • Christmas Card Swap
  • christmas (fun) time matchbox swap

Can't wait for it to start!!!

Tuesday, 6 November 2007

< Christmas Stocking Swap >

Ooo goodness..while i am searching for xmas alter item for dd and i found this!!!! Christmas Stocking Swap by Sandy . Yeah!! I am officially in this swap and Sheila Rumney will be my swaping partner :D. You 've to visit her blog, her altered art are really fantastic!!! !!! Very excited as this is my first chirstmas swap!!! Will source for the vintage sock tomorrow...cant wait for it!!!

Sunday, 4 November 2007

< Layout ~ Flower Girl >

Actually this is for HMITM challenge #56 ~ 867-5309 but i thk is a little bit too late for submission ;) Anyway, this challenge is to use...

3-anything transparent
0-instead of not doing anything, song title


< Cuty Food >

Recently I was "posion" by the group of creative moms @ M4M and i totally agreed with them it is rather addictive!! Here's is wat i did over the weedend :

Cerilynn's Meat balls meal with Mickey & Minnie

..and this is for the daddy & Mommy, no mickey & minnie but i did spent some times on cutting out the flowers carrot ;)

and this is the mushroom soup with prata pastry

As requested by this little chef, we made a batch of choc cupcake this afternoon:

and as usual, C would like to share this yummy cupcake with her best friend, Crystal. We spent some time making the flags together ...

...all nicely wrap up. C will bring this to school tomorrow share with her best friend :)