Wednesday, 25 June 2008

<< J-Anime ~ Junjou Romantica >>

Acidentatly found this anime while browsing the net. Jujou Romantica is a yaoi anime. YAOI...aka male & male relations. This is my first on yaoi...well, i still can accept watching this type of anime...u cant really explain the true meaning of love when it happen! Watched half way tho..still waiting for epi 12. Understand there are total 24 epi and there will be a small break after epi 12...the seasons 2 will be continue arround sep' 08. Junjo Romantica focuses on 3 unique couples:

Junjo Romantica : Usagi-san & Misaki

Junjo Egoist : Hiroki & Nowaki (my fav couple ;) )

Junjo Terrorist : Miyagi & Shinobu

Sunday, 22 June 2008

<< K-Drama ~ Powerful Opponents (强敌) >>

I did hesitate awhile after reading the comments on here about the opening ending. I worried this would be another "Air City". After screening the first epi, i dedcided to watched becos i was soo suprised that Chae Rim was the main lead :)...cant regonised her on the poster!!!

Like the storyline..the cast and actually i can accept the ending..i dun no y..i thk maybe i have well prepared. Alot of ppl are guessing who will Cha Young Jin( Chae Rim ) end up with. Issit Kang Soo Ho (Lee Jin Wook ) or Yoo Gwang Pil (Lee Jong Hyuk )? Personnaly, i wish Cha Yong Ji with Yoo Gwang Pil..y? becos i thk is time for Kang Soon Ho to pay back the debt to Yoo Gwang Pil...but dun no y..i somehow have the feeling that yong jin will agreed w kang soo ho proposal after 3 yrs....anyway..worth watching.

Rate: 7/10

Saturday, 21 June 2008

<< K-Drama ~ Hotelier (情定大飯店) >>

Was checking the profile of Song Yoon Ah and i found this classic drama which is broadcast at yr 2001. oooohh Song Yoon Ah was very young then :)....great pairing with Bae Yong Jun. Song Hye Gyo was very chubby in this drama. Story line not bad...abit draggy in the middle. Dun expect much cos is 7 yrs back production. Really love Song YA....her acting is good!

Rate: 7/10

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

<< K-Drama ~ On Air >>

Was hesitating which drama to watch while waiting for the rest epi of "Fated to Love You". After watching these few tralier of "TDrama-Silent", "TDrama-COrner with Love", "TDrama-ISWAK2", "KDrama-Powerful Opponents" & "TDrama-On Air"...I decided to give it a try on "TDrama-On Air"..thou the actors and actress dun seem to be actractive...and yeah..after a longbreak on K-drama...hehe lucky this drama never disapoint me...

Love love love the storyline and all the actors & actress are excellent in this drama esp the main leads... Lee Bum Soo , Kim Ha Neul , Song Yoon Ah & Park Yong Ha . Initialy tot the PD will pair with Actress & the screen writer will pair with the Agent but another way round. I get to know more about how a drama is produce....Didnt know that screen writer was so powerful...aways tot the director have more power than the screenwriter!

ooooh love love love the songs in this drama esp "If" by Naby!

On Word by FT Island

獨愛 by Park Yong Ha (oooh the PDLee can sing very well!)

IF by Naby (ver very nice song)

Rate: 8/10

Wednesday, 4 June 2008

<< 星光幫 >>

星光幫十強 「因為我相信」完整版MV

I am watching 星光幫 While waiting for the nx epi of "Fated to Love you". After watching..i can only say..Wow...Taiwan really have alot of talented singer!!! ..and i like the way Taozi host this entertainment much relazing..and very funny too. I thk Spore entainment show shld learn from them.

Of cos, the whole 星光幫 focus was on 楊宗緯 & 蕭敬騰. Love both of them...Aska singing really touches love love when he sing 人質. I find he sang better than the original singer! Love Jam unique vocal, with his young age (20), handsome and 2 yrs experience at pub...蕭敬騰 will defenetly get famous very fast.

if you ask me who sing better..i will give my vote to Aska.


楊宗緯 PK 蕭敬騰 - 背叛 (heheee..i give my vote to 蕭敬騰)



楊宗緯 PK 蕭敬騰 - 新不了情 (heheee..i give my vote to 楊宗緯)

楊宗緯 PK 蕭敬騰 - 金鐘獎 VS 金馬獎 (I give my vote to 蕭敬騰, he is a great performer)


楊宗緯 金鐘11首歌組曲

<< T-Drama ~ Fated to Love You (命中注定我愛你)

Love this simple and entertaining drama by Chen Qiao En & Ethan Ruan. What a cute pairing ...Didnt espect that Ethan can act soo well...I didn't even know who is he when my SIL mentioned his name...haha but after the 1st epi...i can recognised him as Joe Chen sister's boyfriend in SUmmer X Summer. I dun know why i can see MingDao shadow on Ethan for the first few epi ..i thk maybe i am too used to it on 'MingEn'.

The story started with a romantic bed scene which Cun Xi (Ethan) who was drug by the island owners and Xin Yi (Chen Qiao En) went into the wrong room and they both made it(with the wrong partner) and hit the jackpot!

This drama is currently on air @ Taiwan and is only at Epi 12. Gosh!!! need to wait for a wk long for another epi. This is kind of touturing ;(.

Oooh gosh...epi 12 was soooooo sad...I cried alot at the part when Xinyin was knocked down by the car...;( ;( ;( cant wait for the nx epi!