Sunday, 25 March 2007

< K-Drama - Lovers 恋人 >

Another wonderful Kdrama you shouldnt be missed! hahaa watched this becos of this hot hot kissing scene everyone is talking abt:

loverkiss(epi18-19 kiss)
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Love this drama very much, the dimpled man-Lee Seo Jin and pretty Kim Jung Eun made a perfect couple!!!

[韓劇] 연인 戀人MV
Uploaded by kristy828

Love love this song 告解 from the drama.

Rate : 9.2/10

Sunday, 18 March 2007

< T-Drama - It Started With A Kiss >

Opening theme song "Say U Love Me" - 鐵竹堂Jason & 南拳媽媽Lara

Ending theme song "惡作劇" - 王藍茵

A very dragging drama. Some parts are very funny ;). I cant really stand this "xiang qin" keep pestering "jiang zhe shu"!!!! oh ya the parents are really cute esp zhe shu mommy :D

Hopefully the ISWAK season 2 wont be so dragging!
Rate: 5/10

Monday, 12 March 2007

< K-Drama ~ 눈의 여왕_雪之女王_THE SNOW QUEEN >

MV songs 初雪愛 첫눈애(愛) —— 姜成民 강성민
This wonderful drama was cast by Hyun Bin and Sun Yu Ri. This is one of my best drama. Very romantic but sad ending. My eyes are brawling with tears for the last episope :( I feel soo good after crying out!!! Bin is good in this drama.

Some fav scene from this drama.

Music from Stairways Heven / Self made MV by Jumong955

Rate: 9/10

Sunday, 11 March 2007


4) Tokyo Juliet (东方茱丽叶) ~ by Wu Zhun, Ariel Lin & Simon Yam

* Songs in this MV : 非你莫屬 by Ariel Lin
Decided to watch this after a few selection : Corner of Love, It started with a kiss and Smiling pasta. I am surprise that Simon Yam was in this drama and his acting was fantastic!!! This was also Wu zhun first drama. Love the story, love the cast, love the ending and love the OST as well :

* 逆风- 花园精灵

* 放不下 - 龔詩嘉

* Love this song very much*

* 只對你有感覺 ~ Fahrenheit

Rate: 7.8/10

3)HANA KIMI 花样少年少女 ~ by Wu Zhun & Jiro from Fahrenheit and Ella from S.H.E.

Saw 1 epi from Channel U and decided to cont at youtube. This is a very cute and funny drama. Ella and wu zhun are cute and this Jiro is surperb harlious in this drama!!! Cant stop laughing when Jiro tot himself was a gay of falling in love with Ella :D

Love the OST :

* 怎么办 MV (Hana Kimi 花样少年少女 Opening)

* 專屬天使 ~ Ending song by Tank

* 懂了~ by Tank

It seems like no ending in this drama. I thk shld had Hana Kimi 2!
Rate: 7.5/10


Watched this drama all becos of this MV ~ Waiting for you by Anson Hu. After watching this drama, i found that the story line is actually diff from this MV ;(. Story abit draggy and this drama had a very unique ending !!! Unquie till i dun no how to appreciate ;)
Rate: 4/10


Fall in love with this drama after i watched 1 epi at SCV channel 56. Glad to know that someone had upload this drama in youtube. This is my another Taiwanese drama eversince Meteor Garden (wow...that's was years ago!)
Rainie and Mike are cute in this drama
Rate: 7/10


Y double happiness? becos today 010307 is my birthday and C lunar birthday. As usual, we will took leave on each other birthday and the one whoes birthday get to go any place he/she want to go :)

C and me woke up very early this morning and we had fun time baking brownie together. Its almost noon time and i still cant decide where to go. Asked C, she suggested we go eat icecream and shopping ;).
After brownie, i finally decided to go Vivo City shopping. Hmm y Vivo City? cos i never been there before and i thk is best to shop on weekday.

Had a sudden urge of having Korean food while on the way to Vivo City so DH brough us to Ju Shin Jung Korean Rest . This is DH and C first visit to this rest, Cerilynn almost gone crazy for the indoor playground and DH commented the BBQ so so only. To me, here is still the best korean food i ever had in Singapore. Love their beef rib,Ginsen Chicken and of cos thier wonderful side dishes! haha but still thk is costly!

Dnr, DH cooked everyone mee suan and for our tradition practise, we rolled 2 big red eggs for C. DH also bot a cake and C was so exicted to sing birthday song to me. How sweet of them :).

< HAPPY 4 >

Yes, my little princess had grown up and she is now 4! As requested by herself, we celebrated her birthday BBQ party at the park nearby.

Brought her a cake and some goodies bags to share with her classmate on her actual day. From the photos, can tell that she is very happy :D


As usual, all my dh relatives came to our house on the first day of CNY. This yr, DH was the chef and i am the kitchen helper. I dun quite enjoy my CNY cos we need to wake up very early to cooks and i thk the main reason is we got no more ang bao to take ;)
hope is not too late to wish everyone Gong Xi Fa Cai.

< MY NEW KITCHEN CABINET > goes my this year bonus ;) but i am pretty satisfied on my new cabinet :D


wow... times flies really fast! Other than Valentine Day & CNY, we had also celebrate Cerilynn & myself birthday during this break :D. k, will do some quick update. During this break, No scrapbooking, no forum reading, no reply on email ...hmm...than wat am i doing during this break? other than busy spring cleaning and CNY preperation...i am also busy watching some TW & K-drama on youtube ;)

This yr V day is jus a normal day to us. Other than going out for dinner and present exchange, we also went to China Town to get some CNY goddies.