Saturday, 25 April 2009


After getting know the benefit of Enzymes while browsing thru "Active Vegetable and Fruits Enzymes" (Anna Phua)... I decided to give Grapes Enzymes a try..e receipe look simple to me and it only required 3 types of ingredients which are 300g Brown Rock sugar, 1 kg Grapes & 1 Lemon (i skip e lemon cos forgot to buy!). The method of doing are simple too:
1) Air dried the container and fruits.
2) Arrange layers of fruits, sliced lemons and brown rock sugar starting from the bottom of the container. Rock sugar must be placed as the top layer.
3)Seal and store the bottle in a shady and cool place for fermentation.
4) Shake the bottle on the 3rd or 4th day so that the fruits could be evenly fermented. Store for 2 weeks.

5) Voila...ready to drink! Place enzyme in cold storage to keep it fresh but it should be consumed within a mth.

I've jus tried a sip of the enzymes, it does tastes very good with a slight tinge of alcohol but find it abit sweet thou (arrr..shld have added in the lemon for the sourness!)

Will definete give other fruits a try! kekeee a new salad dressing for the rabbits :D


I've been feeding papa rabbit this for mths as breakfast than to our surprised..E little rabbit also request for one! Today is the 4th day...I jus keep my fingers crossed!

Saturday, 18 April 2009

<< Wonderful Bonding Time @ Iluma Bugis >>

We have a wonderful time together this afternoon @ Iluma Bugis. It been quite some time that we spend our time shopping & relax together. haha this made me thk of bringing C to office this morning was a good decision!

Befor entering the building, C was soo attracted by the HUGE ice-cream display at Benten Cafe. She was telling me she want to eat this for lunch. haha i've to remind her that the main purpose of coming here today is to have lunch togerther with my colleagues @ "Empire State"!

i was sooo attracted by this KING KONG in the taxi. When the first moment i see the kingkong...I know that C will like this kingkong too and this made me decide to bring C here for lunch whenever this restaurant open.

Finally today is the soft opening and here we are to try out the food. love the bright colour, the layout and all the kingkong pictures in this restaurant. Tried few of their popular dishes...and we love love love the pizza, spag w giant meat ball, mushroom soup, pork rib and their brownie with ice-cream.

Thanks Pancy, the lady boss of empire state for giving us extra kingkong mask and the limited edition bag! Cerilynn was just simply love the seat and she told me is very very comfy!

After lunch, we will so full so we decided to go SHOPPING...found this shop at level 3 selling those cute cute thiggy :D

We went to the game room at level 5 too. We were hooked on the drum game..haha so fun..didnt expect we can be drumer too.

Wonderful time always passed very fast. Daddy came and fetch us and bot us to beach road as he need to buy some fishing thiggy. We were too hot & tired to follow daddy around and we sneak in "Sleepy Cafe" for cold drink. This small cafe was very cosy, we have some games and listening to jazz music while waiting for daddy. The music really made both of us get sleepy! What a lazy afternoon we have :D

More photos here :D

Sunday, 12 April 2009

<< Edited Photos from Sentosa Fun >>

DH edited some photos from "Sentosa Fun" (yeah daddy in good mood!) Oh dear...these photos really made my hand itch ...sigh...but come to think of clearing after finish :( :( :(

<< Updating ...>>

Its been some time since my last post...hehehe the mommy was drowning in K-drama again! hmmm shall do a quick update for the passed few mths. Shall let the photos do the talking!

More swapping fun for Cerilynn. More photos here

Simple Valentine celebration together with Cerilynn (Cerilynn said the 3 roses represent mommy, daddy and her)

Little missy turned 6 on Feb 09. More photos here

The mommy turned a yr older and wiser on Mar 09

Fun @ Sentosa with classmate on April 09. More photos here