Monday, 21 September 2009

<< Mini Butter Mooncake >>

Yeah is time to bake moonies again :) This year, I am going to tryout difference type of bake mooncakes here's the first receipe i tried:

I am using Veronica's mini butter nutty mooncake receipe. This cute receipe supposed to ve a nut inside each of e charater but i've omitted out becos I CANT FIND MY NUTs which i jus bot last night!!!!! end up i just mixed the lotus paste with toasted melon seeds.

I am quite pleased with the end result..thou abit burn. Cerilynn said this is more like a mooncake cookies and she like it cos the outer layer skin was crispy. Luckily the sweetness was jus right as i cutting down the sugar by 30g.

hmmm dh dun quite fancy on this moonies...ah hem..u know..he is those traditional type...guess i need to bake those traditional one for him on the nx batch.

Before going in the oven

Freshly baked from the oven :)

Sunday, 13 September 2009

<< Gold Digger Alouette >>

C prepared this song (Alouette) for her group lesson this afternoon. hahaaa it was so hilarious..C didnt know that i never delete aways her gold digging part!!!! This missy was busy digging her gold before she start her song!!!

<< Girls Night In >>

Yes, girls night in for C and her friends at our hse
k, everyone knows ... 3 girls = 1 market but how abt 4 girls?...can i say.. stadium? noises and screaming can be heard till 2+ in the morn thou the light off at 11.30pm!!! haha but i guessed everyone enjoyed very much
What r they doing in the hse? some doing abacus..some eyes glued on the tv and some multi task! They played some board game too but most of the time they are hiding in the room chit chatting :). I leave it to them to decide where they want to ZZzzZ but whenever i go in 'spotcheck'..they are sleeping in diff bed! cute...
More photos to share here.

<< Happy Teachers' Day >>

C steamed banana cakes for her teachers on Trs day :)..this time round ..she be the baker and i be her assistant :)

C decorated the gift box too

we used choc chip for pooh's eyes & nose and C said this Pooh looked very evil!!!

<< Friend's Birthday Cookies >>

Baked another batch of oatmeal cookies for Cerilynn's best friends (Cystal & Raynon) birthday...This time round i added more flour as dh commented that the cookies was abit too soft and instaead of fruits..i added in M&M mini choc & sun flower seeds.

This is for Crystal
and this is for Raynon