Monday, 8 December 2008

<< W.G.M ~ Coming to the end >>

Phew! finally catched up the rest of the epi that i've missed and what time flies...after anbi couple left...AlShin couple left too (epi 34)...The new couples (HwanYobi couple & Killer couple) will be celebrating their 100th aniversary on the nx episode. I realised i ve started falling in love with HwanYobi couple. Both very cute/funny and they really can sing very very well! for killing couple...i was quite disapointed with Marco. I ve instanly falling in love with him when i first saw him riding the scooter(?) but after an epi...haha never expect he was soooo childish and sometime can be quite annoying!!! What made me really sad was my fav couple (lettuce couple)leaving on nx epi "sob sob" :(

Will there be new couple in season 2? and who will be the new couple?? Well i thk i jus have to wait and see...i hope i still have the heart to continue this varity show (after lettuce couple left!)