Sunday, 31 August 2008

<< Bakerzin's Workshop - Choc Chip Cookies >>

Today Cerilynn attended another workshop at Bakerzin. This time round, this little baker going to bake Choc Chip Cookies..yum yum!!! ...and of cos C was very happy that her good friends, Crystal, Lehan & Jarrel can join in the fun :).

3 Princesses ... Cerilynn, Crystal, Lehan

and a prince ...Jarrel

Busy Bees

Monster Cerilynn

Monster Lehan

Monster Crystal

Monster Jarrel

Pour in the floor...

Shift the floor and set aside...

pour in unsalted butter in the mixer bowl...

add in brown sugar...


Beat in the egg...

add in the shifted floor...

whisk..whisk..whisk again...

add in the choc chip and knead it!!!

roll to form a ball

flat the balls & bake it...

get ready to deco on the baked cookies...

pipes in more dark choc & icing sugar...

sprinkles more beautiful quins...

yummlicious cookies! Yum Yum

C with her fav cookies

These little bakers were very happy cos the school will bring them back here on next Thursday (4 Sep 08) for Pizza baking!

More photos here.

Saturday, 30 August 2008

<< Happy Birthday Raynon >>

We have made one for Raynon too. Hope he will like it.
Happy birthday Raynon : >

<< Happy Teacher's Day >>

Wishing all justkid's teachers have a wonderful teacher's day.
This is what we've made for Cerilynn's class teacher.

Friday, 29 August 2008

<< Caterpillars - Day 7 >>

oohhh of the caterpillar was dead while transforming to pupa :( This morn it still hanging on the stick...but when we reached home..the caterpillar had turned black and alot of ants were attacking!!! Worst still..I've to clear away the dead body and no one has offer help!!! Tot of throwing away the whole container (including the one pupating) but both daddy and Cerilynn called me a killer and said the caterpillar will sure come after me tonight O_O!!! the mommy has no choice but to take up the courage and clear alway the dead body and the ants. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

lucky the 3 caterpillars were still pupating safely :)

Thursday, 28 August 2008

<< Caterpillars - Day 5 & 6 >>

Day 5

Day 6

Yesterday (day 5), the caterpillars stop moving for a day, we were quite worried that it will die..and this morn (day 6) we saw all the caterpillars hanging..3 on the lid and one on the stick..than after around an hour later...3 out of my 4 caterpillars changed into pupae!!! Cerilynn was the one to discover first and we were very excited!!!

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

<< Caterpillars - Day 3 & 4 >>

Day 3

Day 4

The caterpillars are still munching and crawling..still not sign of moulting.

Sunday, 24 August 2008

<< Caterpillars - Day 2 >>

These caterpillars really can eat and poo! My hairs all stand when i clear the poo this morning. hahaaaa soooo night time is daddy turns to change. Where is the brave Cerilynn who offered to protect me? She hide behind the sofa when i open up the cover!!!!!

<< Crystal's Birthday Pressie >>

With the help from C, we made this for her best friend, Crystal. We hope she will like it.

C drew this by herself.
Happy Birthday Crystal :)

Saturday, 23 August 2008

<< Cerilynn's New Pets >>

Today C got more new pets. We went all the way to OhFarms to get this. Anyone wanna guess what's inside the containers?

...Yes is Caterpillars! Thanks Marie from M4M introduced this creepy crawlies to us. Althou abit yucky (it did made my hairs stand) but i thk this is a very educational way to let the kiddos witness the transforming process of a crawling caterpillar to a fluttering butterfly.

Cerilynn was sooo fascinated with the caterpillars and she even named the caterpillars.

Hairy & Henlery (cos very hairy) / Munchy & Munchely (keep munching non stop!)

According to the lady from the farm, these caterpillars were around 6 days will take another 5 days to transform into pupae (chrysalis) and need another week to turn to butterfly.
Will capture and document the process everyday...hopefully we can eye-withness the whole process!!!