Wednesday, 27 June 2007

< K-Drama ~ Que Sera Sera >

Finally finished this wonderful drama..had been chasing epi after epi :D. Love the sweet ending! First drama on Eric from Shinhwa...he is sooo charming ;). The new lead actress, Jung Yoo Mi was cute, suit the character very well. Alot of kissing scene in this drama...haha the kiss btw Eric and Jung Yoo Mi in the elevator still the best, soo cute!!! Love these 2 songs in e drama!

(wol gwang - W & Whale)

( doo son eh - Alex (Clazziquai))

Que Sera Sera OST - Loveholic - Bless You (MV)

Rate: 8/10

Saturday, 23 June 2007

< New Car >

DH car had been giving us lots of problem during this few mths Grrr . The engine light keep beeming desprite to serveral repairs Grrr . After discussion, we decided to sell off the car and get a new one Smiles. Currently we had 2 choices : Toyota Vios or M. Lancer. Frankly speaker, i love the design of M. Lancer but DH said when come to FC...Vios still the best! hahaaaa... we are going down to the Toyota showrm for the vios...cant wait for it Goofy !

...C also asked for another zoo trip and we decided to go b4 we went to test drive the new car.Bouncy Colors 2 Jump For Joy

< Eye Check Up >

Last sat, brought C for eye check up... she is on the high risk of wearing specticle :(...her right eye is one step lower than her left eye. After eye check promised, i brought to west mall to do this :

bwhaaaaa..i cant stop laughing when C ask me how's her powerpuff girl look like? look like a monster powerpuff girl to!

Friday, 22 June 2007

Cerilynn's High Heel Sandal

C: Daddy can you please buy me this pair of high heel sandal?
D: No C, is abit too high for you.
C: No daddy, is not high, most of my fren also wore this to school.
D: OK C, If you well behave, we might consider getting one on your nx birthday.
C: Ok daddy and C said "good bye" to the sandal.

I am very proud of C..instead of pestering us to get her the sandle..she just said "good bye" to her beloved sandal!

< K-Drama ~ Devil / Mawang >

Finally finished up the balance episopes of Devil. This is my first dectective firm...not bad..for a change! Joo Ji Hoon got better performance on the other half episope ;D but Still Uhm Tae Woong the best. If you ask me which one is better btw "Devil" & "Witch Amusment"? I would say...hmm...The devil!

Rate: 7.7/10

Tuesday, 19 June 2007

< Happy Father's Day >

Our little conversation on Father's Day :D

C: ohh mommy, today is father's day, yippe!!! we are going to bake choc chip cookies for daddy!!!
M: but i chked with daddy, he said he would preferred cake than cookies.
C: mmmm i want cookie...i want cookie...
M: hey, today is father's day not children's day ok?
C: ok... but i still prefer abt u, mom..which one you prefer?
M: actually... i prefer cookie too ;)
C: than mommy, we shall bake cookie..cos we must bake something that everyone likes.....

keekeee so end up we bake choc chip cookie instead....bwhaaaaaa.....sorry daddy ;) We burn the first batch of cookies :( it supposed to bake for 10 mins but the blur blur mommy baked for another 5 mins more ...

(Overbaked Cookies)

(Yummylicious Cookies)

(nicely wrapped up with ribbon)

Our little chef of the day...

Sunday, 17 June 2007

< LO ~ LOVE - 9th Wedd Anniversary >

This is for mthly LO again - May 07 and of cos i am doing a layout on our big day (30 May 07). I thk i went overboard with the sticker liow! Ohh this is the best pic i can find... nowsaday, very diff to take pic togetherwith DH, he will FORSURE made a silly funny face ;(

Wednesday, 13 June 2007

< LO ~ Birthday Girls (Mar 07 LO) >

(Everything was from Poppyink Dec 06 kits)

This is for the mthly LO ;). Well, i know i am abit late..haha but will try to catch up!

1st March 07 was a special day for us this year cos so coincident that C's lunar birthday falls on the same day with my birthday!

Monday, 11 June 2007

< TTC >

while we were busy on our pc yesterday, our poor dd made this comment:

"Everyone was so busy but I'm So Bored !!!"

heeee..i thk is time for us to TTC liow Shy Whistler

Sunday, 10 June 2007

< 30 May 2007 - A Date to Remember >

Wat so special on this date? is our 9th Wedding Anniversary! Times really flies and as ususal, we had taken leave on this day. We spent the whole day at Vivo City...Shopping,watching "Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End" at GV and dinner at Hotbreath. A bit disppointed with the 3 hrs show but lucky the seat at GV was surperb comfy! Dh bot me a necklace from Goldheart and in return, i bot some fishing stuff to him :D. Some photos to share :

< CafeDelMar - Sentosa Siloso Beach >

Yes, Last Sat we had a good dip at CafeDelMar ( again ;D ). This time round, we went with our daddy :D. When daddy said want to have sunbathing, first place in mind of cos is CafeDelMar. The main reason is their internal pool, due to my sensitive skin, i cant swim in the beach :(. Ohh they played wonderful music as well!

Of cos, Cerilynn was the most happier of all, she really spent her whole afternoon in the pool with her ball without any break! Poor mommy and daddy were so exhausted chasing after her ;(...haha..after all is a relaxing afternoon..and after the day... 3 of us became...LOBSTER!

Some photos to share :

Tuesday, 5 June 2007

< K-Drama ~ Witch Amusement aka Witch Yoo Hee >

This is a funny show. It's kind of romance & comedy drama...Jae Hee & Han Ga In made a cute couple and oooh that Dennis Oh was so handsome ;). Kim Jeong Hoon so so in this drama. Great OST too...

Witch Yoo Hee OST [마녀유희 /魔女幼熙] MV by dreamer17

Witch Yoo Hee OST [마녀유희 /魔女幼熙] - IF MV by dreamer17

I rate this show ... 7.5/10

< K-Drama ~ Jumong, The Price of legend >

Credit This Beautiful Picture To xKiMix

This was strongly recommended by the rental shop aunty. Aunty said if not nice..haha can use the disc to throw on her. The cover page and the story line dun really motivate me.
First 2 epi so so only .... Hahaaa but I was hook after the 3rd episope!!! This historical Drama JUMONG is awesome, song il gook is a great price and is a pity that he cant get togerther with Seoseono. Dun like Song Ji Hyo charater in Jumong, dun see any improvement! Oh yeah!!! the OST are great!

Jumong MV by miikyungx

[朱蒙(주몽) MV] 愛的記憶(사랑의 기억)~ 朱蒙vs.召西奴 by dawnoneself

Jumong ending theme by kangkkk

Rate: 9.3/10