Saturday, 25 October 2008

<< W.G.M. ~ Anbi Farewell >>

so far this is the most heartbreaking episode ... at Epi 28, the couples chose whether to say "I love you" or "I'm sorry" to stay or leave. Andy and Solbi officially announce their leaving from the show. Sometime i was thinking was this the director plan or they decided their own. anyway I am one of those saddened by AnBi leaving WGM...they was sooo cute and real together. Alot of remour around..some say Andy decided to put a stop as this was tooo real and some say they both worry that it might affect their entertainment carrer if both carry on but i really hope the main reason for leaving WGM is to truly start a real relationship without the cameras (wishful thinking hor).

Now i understand why the couples always said the realism of the show is also what makes it so scary for them, because it would be so easy to fall for a partner and imagine that the other party dun feel the same way. There r just a fine line in btw them.

Anyway..i wish them all the best...hopefully they will cont wearing their couple ring...

Gosh this sentence really made me sad :( I started to miss them liow!!!!!
"No matter where we meet in the futher...let's not forget that we were once married"

<< W.G.M. ~ We Got Married 4 Couple 100th Anniversary Slide Show >>

<< W.G.M. ~ New Addition Couple, Lettuce Couple >>

Lettuce Couple ~ Kim Hyun Joong of SS501 and Hwang Bo of Chakra

(hahaaa the ant couple soo cute)

On Epi 9, this couple replaced AlShin Couple and they still remained after the return of AlShin couple on Epi 13. Currently, this is my most fav couple. Hyun Joong is 6 years junior to Hwang Bo...hahaaaa they are soooo cute together. Love how they called each other..sinlang & Bu-in. Both very shy esp HJ...he always got problem speaking to those who are elder that him!!!! Love how he jokes with Hwang Bu-in and can see that Hwang Bo is happy in every epi together with her sinlang! I like Hwang Bo character ..very straigh forward..very easy going person. I like her laughter very much..her laughter will lead u to join her and it seem like she know to do everything so in most of the epi...Hwang Bu-in was the one who lead Sinlang.

Friday, 24 October 2008

<< W.G.M. ~ AlShin Couple Romantic Seperation & Beautiful Reunion >>

Has been laughing thruout epi 1 to 7 but when come to this part at epi heart sink and feel sorry for shi ae...i actually cry for them..didnt realised their love has grow in my heart!

Alex brings Shin Ae to his recording studio and sings her a song ~ Flowerpot. He then tells her that he has to leave the show for a while because of his upcoming first solo album release

Alex and Shin Ae reunite after being parted for 7 weeks.

Monday, 20 October 2008

<< We Got Married >>

A few mommies from M4M got me intestered in this show and after one epi..i was total addicted!!!!!! it wassss sooooo hilarious that i cant stop laughing though out the whole epi! This is my first korean variety show and it highlighting the "marriages" of celebrity couples at a time, the program shows what life would be like if each of these couples had really married.

The original couple:

AlShin couple (Alex of Clazziquai.+ Actress/Model Shin Ae )

W.G.M. Most romantic couple. Alex was soooo thoughtful, caring and gentle towards Shin Ae and this has soften Shin Ae but when Shin Ae was abt to open her heart to him...Alex decided to left the show temp to record his first solo album Vintage Romance. However, due to popular demand, the couple reunited in epi 13.

Jung Hyung Don & Saori

This guy really cracks me up..hahaaaaaa. His hobby was to sleep and eat! Saori cant stand him and divoce him on epi 9. Bwhahaaaa lucky my hubby was not like him!

A! couple (Rapper Crown J & Seo In Young of Jewelry)

hahaaaa Evil Ant & Evil witch, so far..i thk this is the perfect match. They always qurrel over small little thing but both got their own way to soften each other. I really love the surprises that Ant gave to witch. hahaa both treats their shoes as baby!!

AnBi couple (Andy of Shinhwa + Solbi of Typhoon)

So far..this is the most realistic couple. They really look like real couple...very cute and comfortable with each other. Obviously that Solbi like Andy alot. Hahaahaa so far..this couple has the most skinship! Love the heart dance from Andy!

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

<< Happy Children's Day >>

C's celebrated children's day in her school on 30.09.08. This year theme is superhero for the boy and princess for the girl and here's my little princess ...

We never turn up for the drawing competition at explanade(do chk up their winning entries here) as C's godmother asked us to go for a swim at our fav place ~ Cafe De Mal @ Sentosa!!!! hahaha how can we resist this temtation!!!! some photos to share:

Get C to do some workup in the pool..haha is pretty hilarious