Thursday, 30 July 2009

<< Bento Trial >>

Intend to prepare charaben for C when she go pri ve been trying for the passed wkend...and is not as easy as i thk of! really salute for shoppingmum who prepare bentos boxes for her kids almost everyday!

k, lets see my ugly creation ;)

Char siew pau w expression with quail eggs rabbit, chick & fish

Salmon fish w quail eggs piggy, froggies, rooster & sugarbunnies carrot cut

My Melody & sugarbunnies sandwiches
Hello Kitty & Pooh bear Banana steam cakes (Thanks Amanda for this healthy receipe)

double choc muffins w yoghurt (Thanks Leelee's for e receipe) in Pooh's mold & muffin case for C's friends

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

<< BUTS 2009>>

Ballet Under The Stars at Fort Canning Park! We went on the 2nd night which is 18 July 2009. We enjoyed very much for the entire performance...a really good steal at around $20 per person and the kids below 6 gets to go in FREE!

Thanks Susan and Crystal for going there earlier (as early as 4.30pm) to reserve our 'space'...nice view! We reached there around 5.30pm and is already very crowded!

The girls are so lucky to sit behind this kind uncle who keep twisting the balloons for them!

Cerilynn showing off her flowers and doggie ballons

Our wonderful dnr...

Now i realised i ve only taken the Pre-show Performances photos...

Cerilynn showing off her glittering tattoo

hand cuff?

Susan with the girls

me and C

Enjoying the stars with the girls

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

<< K-Drama ~ City Hall

is has been quite sometime that i blog the drama I watched...well i am too lazy ^_^. Jus wanna add this wonderful drama in my "must watch" list. This drama really made me laugh & cry so hard. Cha Seung Won & Kim Sun Ah really made a perfect pair. Love love love the ost esp this newly added song! I thk if u love "lover", u will definate love this too (cos same writer & pd)!

Thursday, 9 July 2009

<< RIP Michael Jackson >>

MJ performance at 1995 MTV award

When I first heard about his death from class 95...I was shock rather than sad but after watching his MV and digging more info abt him...I really feel for him.

I was telling DH how sad i am abt his death and i am surprise that C actually been listening and she told me this: Mom, dont be sad...even thou he has die but we can still listening to his songs again & again! Yes what C said was true..MJ music will live with us forever. RIP MJ.

Michael Jackson - They Don't Care About Us (Official Prison Version)

Love this songs and if u read the lyrics..i thk he is singing out his own vent!