Monday, 4 May 2009

<< Kids Spree @ YarnLing >>

Thanks Peggy for including us in her SIL's kids spree @ Yarnling :)..This was really a GOOD grab! C cant wait to show off her new clothing to her daddy.

Love the bear and the orange! Daddy said she look like Lehan in this dress ;>

This is my fav..even daddy also agreed! Knee shock from yarnling too.

This is C fav but we find it abit weird when C put it on...hmm...i thk C has outgrown on this kind of cuty dress! is way toooo girly for her.

I thk it would be nicer if it is a dress! Love love the design.

This is not from Yarnling. We bot this from Diaso @ $2/pair. Good grab right...quality is good and there are many other design too.

Sunday, 3 May 2009

<< Labour Day Outing ~ WCP >>

Another fun outing with C's Classmates & families. This time round we went to West Coast Park. Chosen WCP mainly becos of it wonderful playground but end up the kids was so busy cycling, kite flying, roller blading, scootering & playing socker! heeheee and of cos the mommies & daddies were busy on chit chatting & food testing! Can you imagine at such HOT weather (around 34 degC), we stayed there till 2pm and guessed everyone has turned into lobster! THanks everyone for the food & drinks. We cant wait for the nx outing :)

DH has taken some pictures and these few are my favourite. More photos HERE.

Was telling C that I will hop on the bike and she get sooo worry that I will CRASH her beloved bicycle!

soooo nice to have a helping hands

C on flying fox

Boss Ethan ~ strike a pose!

ahhhh sooo relaxing ~ Lehan & the daddy

C blowing bubbles

kekeee the BEAUTIES but where's the beast?

Saturday, 2 May 2009

<< C's Art >>

This is from her art class.

C doodlings on our wedding day!

Friday, 1 May 2009

<< Cerilynn's New Friends >>

Introduced alfalfa sprouts to Cerilynn and i am glad that she like it :>

also introduced the Octodog to her. C say it look more like "" than octopus! hahaa i shld cut more tentacles for the octodog!

<< Cheesy Prata Hotdog >>

C told us she feel sad cos she didnt get to eat the prata hotdog i bake this morn. so..jus to make this missy happy...I promised to let her bake this again for tonight dnr :>

Have taken some pictures for those who are intersted in this super duper easy pastry:

Ingredient : Instant roti-prata (1 pc, thaw), 1 cheesy hotdog

Thaw the instant prata (dun thaw too long otherwise it will become very sticky to roll)

Place a cheesy hotdog on the prata dough

Rolled it

Cut into half. brush with egg and bake it for 30 mins at 160 degC

Voila :> and this is C's dinner ...

and we have chicken pita for dnr:>

** You can fill in diff kind of filling in this prata pastry (tuna, curry potato, ham & cheese, mince meat, etc). sometime i bake the prata and sprat it with cream and fruits.