Sunday, 14 June 2009

<< Bali 2009 - Last Day >>

Last day is our SPA & beach exploring day, yeah :>

C having her medi & pedicure done while mommy having spa treatment :)

after spa, we went to the beach (finally!) and C having her hair beading along the beach. THis missy actually cried and complaint painful while doing halfway. It took around 1/2 hr for them to complete C hair and it took us another 1/2 hr to untie it!! *faint*

Hotel private beach ~ beautiful!

C helping daddy carring the "Basuka" is actually daddy's fishing rod!

C showing the air tickets at Bali airport

C at Changi airport

Finally back to Singapore. First thing came to our mind was ~ CLEAN

C said this when she saw Balinese student around her age riding motorbike to school :>
The end :)

<< Bali 2009 ~ Day 4 >>

We extented another day so daddy can go for fishing!!! We never join daddy so we jus rest & relax in the hotel. Bot C to do some coloring at the kid's club than we went swimming. We suppose to go cycling around the beach but we were too tired after the swim and we dose off in our room till daddy came back at 6pm! What a waste :<

The fish look abit fake to us!

After breakfast, we explore around the hotel

C do some coloring in the kids club

We have a wonderful time at the pool

Some cooking class going on

Cerilynn monkey-ing on the bed after our swim
to be continue...

<< Bali 2009 - Day 3 >>

On day 3, we had arranged a driver cum guide (PUTU NASTRA) to bring us around northern part of Bali.

Turtle Island was our first stop. we took a glass bottom motor boat to Turtle Island and on our way there, the boat man stop in the middle to allow us to feed the fishes. Other than turtles, there were Owl, monkies, iguana & bat too :>

Next, we vistited the Ulun Danu Temple. It is set at lakeside of Beratan with beautiful lake view and hills surround it

This is another rice terrace field we visited. it was said to be the largest rice terrace field in Bali.

Our last station was at Git Git Waterfall. We need to walk around 15 mins to the waterfall from the village.

Along the way, there are children selling things and they are almost around C age (some are even younger)... This made me thk that C was leading a good life!

On our way back, we stopped by a coffee plantation. In this photo, daddy was trying their famous coffee ~ Luwak coffee. According to the guild, Luwak coffee is coffee made from coffe berries which have been eaten by and passed through the digestive tract of the Civet! eeeeeeee... anyway, daddy said the coffee taste so so only.
to be continue...

Thursday, 4 June 2009

<< Bali 2009 - 2nd Day >>

Day 2 ~ Full Day True Life village & Valcano Tour

Balinese dance & drama was our first stop. Thou dun quite understand but C seem like enjoying.

2nd stop was a batik factory.

followed was a wood carving shop

Than we went up hill to see the active volcano (the view was fantastic!) and had our lunch there. The lunch was was some simple spread buffet and w tons of flies ~_~ C named it flies restraunt!

last stop was at the rice terrace field at Ubud. hehee the man in this photo was so funny...he keep posing for dh to take picture...than he came to us and ask for tipping!
On our way back to our hotel...we passed by the famous Kuta Beach...the beach was beautiful and packed with angmos and this made me wonder how they enjoy in such a crowded place!

The driver alighted us at Bali Collection, the only shopping centre which is 10 mins away from our hotel and we had our dnr there.

By the time we reached already quite we jus relax ourselves in the room.

to be continue....

<< Bali 2009 - 1st Day >>

Yeah...we are back from Bali (2 wks ago ;D)...a small island from indonesia which is 1/6 bigger than Singapore! I would say it was a relaxing trip and this time round is more on scenery. As daddy preferred a quieter place so we decided to stay at Nuasa Dua Beach Hotel & Spa at Nuasa Dua.

Thou this is not the first time C took the air plane but she still feel excited before boarding! 2 hrs flight from Spore to Bali so by the time we reached the was already 11pm! Well, nothing much to do other than exploring our room :) Some shots from our room. C love the bath tub so much that she really soak herself in (even with beauty spa salt) everyday during our stay!

Day 2 was our FOC full day sightseeing tour and the tour guide will fetch us @ 8.30am. We were waken by the bird chipping & duck quacking sound! yes no quacking! There was a pond outside our balcony and we were so excited to see so many duck walking here and there!

Another nice pond with beautiful fishes and lilies just infont the cafe that we had our wonderful spread of buffet breakfast :) and of cos daddy was clicking non stop!

to be continue...