Tuesday, 22 January 2008

< Jacob Ballas Garden >

Finally bot the girls to Jacob Ballas Garden last Sunday, had been planning this outing since Oct last yr! This is also our first outing with C best friend, Crystal and her mommy, Susan :). Thou the mommies felt that the garden not as good as wat others had rated (6 thumbs up for adult & 8 thumps up for kids), everyone still had fun at the water place. C had started to plan for the next outing!

Monday, 21 January 2008

< Specky Princess & Her New Bunk Bed >

Eye specialist confirmed C with lazy eye on the right :( Lucky both eyes are not short sighted but with high astig on the right. According to e eye specialist, astig can be corrected from young! so in order to savage her right eye, my poor little darling need to put on specticle until further improvement on her right eye, this could take 1 or 2 yrs, kind of 'forcing' her right eye to focus!

I had hard time getting C to put on specticle. She keep telling me there isn't any princess wearing specticle! (LOL) and wat her biggest worry is get tease by her classmate!

Last Mon bot her to school with the spec on and she made a big hoo haa at the entrance :( she keep hiding behind me and refuse to go in school! Lucky an hr later, teacher wong came for recuse, persuaying and carried her to the class.

Thanks goodness, she is ok after back from the school and allowed me to take some photographs with her specticle on. She told me 2 of her classmates calling her old grandmother and this hurt her feeling alot. Gosh!!! she is talking feeling to me now ;) ooh ya the pictures were taken on her new bed :)

opsis..the wires kind of messy ;)

Hello Kitty table lamp & Juke box on her study desk

mo mo cow piggy bank and hello kitty containers

Sunday, 13 January 2008

Happy 2008

busy busy busy...from the beginning of the yr. Well, i thk this shld be a good sigh! As usual i am still happily busy with the swaping @ swap-bot :D. Other than that, currently we are busy converting C's toy room to her princess bedroom. Daddy had finished painting the room and all things had been thrown/shifted out. Now waiting patiently for her new bed to be arrived on 16 Jan. Will update more photo once the room is up. k, shall not say much..i will let the pictures do the talking {getting lazier nowsaday :)}

Made this for my buddy and i am glad she like it :)

Xmas present for Cerilynn's best fren, Crystal

C xmas present from her '大姑姑美女' & family

Finally recd my Xmas stocking from Sheila. Well, a little bit too late (didnt expect it will take more than a mth to arrive!) but love them all

Bento Box Int'l Swap recd from Josephine. Love the cuty bento box but too bad there's a crack on the cover clip

Bento Box Int'l Swap I sent to my Italy partner

Just Stuff Swap to my Canada & USA partners

Buttons Fairies sent to my partners