Monday, 27 August 2007

< Butterfly Cupcakes >

Baked this for DH secondary schoolmates gathering. Well, i knew it dun look like butterfly and my dd said it look like bat! DH was asking me wat is those on the cream..haha of cos i preferred not to answer him Blushy .

The frosting was mixed with white choc, butter & icing surgar...was a good alternative on cream. Thanks Joyce for the frosting recipe. U can go to her blog and see her beatiful creation.

< LO ~ Cafe Del Mar >

Did this layout over e weekend. Love this photo very much. This wonderful place is located at Sentosa Siloso beach, is a great place to relax if you cant go oversea ;)

Friday, 24 August 2007

< Happy Birthday Cystal >

Last minutes, this missy told me tomorrow (25/8/07) is her best friend, Cystal birthday... so this is wat we did last night.

Actually this is wat she want to write:

Dear Cystal
I love you
we are best friend forever
Happy Birthday
Teacher said we cannot always stick together
but we are still best friend
love Cerilynn Law

haha..but with her giantic handwritting, she can only wrote:

Dear Cystal
I love you
we are best friend forever
Happy Birthday
Cerilynn Law love

< Good Mail Day- Prima Flowers >

Finally received my prima flowers.

hee..hee..C said: mommy y u bot a spectacle with full of flowers inside! Rolly 1

Wednesday, 22 August 2007

< Layout ~ 42nd Celebrate >

Did this layout for TSL and MWL National Day Challenge but dun no why, i can download to MWL???

< Some Updates >

some updates for the passed 2 weeks:

haha finally completed my cross stitch project!

Our new activity over the weekend ;) Car washing! Tough job for us but to Cerilynn, it was FUN!


M: Cerilynn, do u like rainy day?

C: No mom, but putting on my rain coat and boots are fun!

C: Mommy, pratice piano made my figures soo tired Weepy but i like playing piano Teethy !

Watched this funny local film with my MIL on last weekend. I believed this movie will brot back the trench on hokkien songs! Love the OST and i am hunting high and low for the OST...can u believe it? Is OOS almost the whole Spore!!! haha lucky one of my fren bot the OST and i am enjoying the OST right now Sunshine . Those haven watch, i highly recommend this show!

Saturday, 11 August 2007

Cross Stitch Project

This is wat i ve been busy with for the pass week. I can't resist it when i saw this cute little shoes on the mag. This is for my previous site boss who's giving birth to a bb girl. Hopefully can complete everything by tomorrow! has been 10 over yrs on cross stitch project. Wat's time flies.

Wednesday, 8 August 2007

KC Kit


Bye Bye to my Kristina Contes Ltd Ed kit as I dun ve e time to do it so i sold the kit to Carinna. THanks dear. Heeheee Smiles than i used the $$ to buy the wonderful zutter which i collected last evening from Laines. Cant wait to use it!
WooOooo also collected my SOMO July kit from Irene last evening. THanks dear :D.
SShhsssss i had a very little tiny pay increment so to celebrate this Smiles ...i'm getting myself some prima flowers from cafeprima Sunshine .

< National Day Eve Celerbration >


C had been singing this for whole week! Today is the day that she has been waiting for. Her CC will celebrates Sinapore birthday today. They will have some games and everyone get to eat nasi lemak during lunch (C told me she's very nevous of eating nasi lemak in school Ignoring You ?).

This morn she wake up all by herself and without me nagging, she washed up and put on her beautiful dress (red & white) within 5!! that's very fast..normally she will need 15 - 20 mins to do that! haha and as promise, i 'rub' the Singapore flag on her cheek.
Actually...i am happy too Wakka Wakka, 2 of my colleauges got promoted and we are going for herbal black chicken @ Geylang today..gosh! i am craving it for few days liow. Best things is...another few more hrs, I get to rest for 4 days Wakka Wakka !!!

Wishing eveyone has a happy holiday Rolly 2

< My Little Artist >

My little artist painting her dream house with garden ;)