Sunday, 28 September 2008

<< King Of The House >>

sigh...nowsaday this little girl keep testing my patience, a recent incident that blow me to the top!

M: Cerilynn, go do your abacus homework.

C: Mommy, can I watch 1 cartoon after i finish my homework?

M: ok dokie...but after your abacus homework

......around 10 mins later

C: Mommy, I ve finished 2 pages (total got 3 pages) of my abacus homework, can i watch cartoon now?

M: NO...finished the other page than i will on the TV for you.

C: Mommy I will do it tonight...I want to watch NOW! (Pouting)

M: NO, finish it up than come and talk to me abt cartoon.

.........Out of sudden, C bring the phone to me

C: I am going to call daddy now, if he agreed let me watch cartoon mean I can watch it now..DADDY IS THE KING OF THE HOUSE!

M: (burning inside, raising the voice abit) Cerilynn, I dun care who is the king of the house, jus go and finish your homework than we discuss abt it. now I am QUEEN of the hse!

C: (realising she said something wrong)..booo hoooo (sobbing) so sorry mommy, I shldnt be rude to you..I will go finish my abacus homework...booo hoooo

.... end up this little girl dun get to watch any cartoon....being the punishment of being rude to mommy

Sunday, 21 September 2008

<< Our Lazy Afternoon >>

Glad that we dun have any event on this wkend..gosh..has been busy for the passed wkends. Nothing is better than doing popsicle with Cerilynn on this terrible hot hot hot weather!!! We love to use F&N Marigold yoghurt drink for the popsicle.

Other than busy updating the blog...has made this cuty sandwiches for C...

...using this cutter which i bot from BHG sometime ago. THis is better than my other disney cutters cos this is exactly 1 stardard bread size.

<< Swimming Lesson >>

1st lesson : walking, kicking, dipping the ears into the water and climbing up the pool.

3rd lesson : Whole body into the water and toes touches the floor. hahaaa this not very brave girl was soooo afraid, refused to keep her legs straight, keep resting her legs on the instructor chest!!! hahaaa her 4 yrs old swim-mate keep shouting go..go..go..and cheering for nice of her :)

so far so good :) This little girl has been longing for every Friday..not sure is the swimming lesson or having dnr togerher with her good friends, Raynon & Lehan!

Saturday, 20 September 2008

<< Hello Kitty Go Race @ Chinese Garden >>

no crowd, nice weather, nice lanterns, it was an enjoyable night. Love love love the lanterns esp those on the boat! sooo happy cos get to see my fav charater..My Melody :>

One of the activity that amazed us---maltose candy!! $2 for a spin and this china man will create the animal that u ve spin on the spot for you!

More photos here.

<< 7 Sep 08 ~ The Rainbow Fish & MoonCake Making >>

Brought Cerilynn to watch "The Rainbow Fish" with Crystal. Thanks Susan for getting us the tickets with discounted price :> Both the girls and the mommies enjoy the play very much...very meaningful.

after the play, we invited crystal & Susan to our hse for mooncake making. Get the recipe and ingredients from Pooh Huat and this is what we have made.

Well..not very successful this time, find it too oily and the skin too thick....haha but the kids enjoy playing with the flour!

bwhaaaaa this is funny..Both C were playing sofa game (they crete themeselves) and Crystal was stuck and cant get up.

Friday, 19 September 2008

<< Hi 5 ~ Hand In Hand >>

C: mommy, go "" and type in 'Hi 5 Hand in Hand' for this song.
M: wow you also know ""? (abit shock)
C: of cos i know, teacher told us can listen the song from there.
M: oo ok, will visit "" when i am free ok.
C: ok mommy..but mommy is "" very near to our place?
M: Bwhaaaa cant stop laughing!

Hand In Hand

Make a chain
Hold on tight
We're all part of a team
Trying to get it right

Lift a load
Get to work
We could never do
it on our own
Together, Forever,
We will show that

We are strong,
We have power
We can do anything
you ask together
We are strong,
We have power
We can do anything we want
Hand in Hand
Hand in Hand

Anytime, anywhere
If you need a little help
Then I'll be there

Hand in Hand
Here we go
One, two, three, four
We all know
Together we can grow

We are strong,
We have power
We can do anything
you ask together
We are strong,
We have power
We can do anything we want
Hand in Hand
Hand in Hand

Hand in Hand in Hand in Hand in Hand

If the chain gets weak
Don't let it break
Keep holding on
Whatever it takes

We are strong,
We have power
We can do anything
you ask together
We are strong,
We have power
We can do anything we want
Hand in Hand
Hand in Hand
Hand in Hand
Hand in Hand

Music: C. Harriott
Lyrics: L. Carey

Friday, 5 September 2008

<< Our Butterfly Emerged >>

Yeah, our butterflies finally emerged!!! 3 pupaes broke out of its chrysalis this morning and unfortunately...none of us get to see the process... thou i know it will emerge in this few days but i still got a shock when i see something fluttering in the container! It was amazing and the butterflies were beautiful!

Brought the containers to Cerilynn in the evening, she was fasinated and eagar to free the butterflies.

Time line
23 Aug 2008 - Caterpillar
28 Aug 2008 - Pupa
05 Sep 2008 - Butterfly

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

<< Bumble Bee >>

C happily try on her new thermal swim suit & her goggles...bwhaaaaaa cant stop laughing when she first put on (LOL)..abit clumsy and she walk like penguin...and becos of yellow and black colour...she look like a bumble bee too! lucky i never get the yellow head cap for her..otherwise..she really look like a bumble bee!

Millions thanks to aunty hwee ching for helping us to get this swim suit.

This little bumble bee was soooo excited for her first swimming lesson with Happy Fish Swim School on this coming Friday.