Monday, 29 January 2007

< Bye Bye to my existing kitchen cabinet >

Today the contractor will hack away my existing kitchen cabinet. The cabinet which was with us almost 7yrs. Hahaaa we were asking each other who was the one who chose this color combo! Apple green + Purple = Yuck!
Cant wait for my new kitchen cabinet to be up!

Thursday, 25 January 2007


Went to Mayer Marketing (IMM Branch) last weekend and after the sales explaination, we decided to get this model : Experience Line Oven : FZ 61.1 IX

and yeah!!! this is my new kitchen cabinet sketch!

Wednesday, 24 January 2007

Asian Dares #1 - 旖轩公主

Yeah! finally we had our own dares! TSL launches its very own Asian Dare on 15 Jan 07 and the 1st Asian Dare is to use our 2nd language (other than English) as part of our title or journaling.

They are looking for DT and i am giving it a try ;)) and this is my LO for the first dare :

旖轩公主(Princess Cerilynn)

love to see you in this dress, look exactly like a princess! Wish you can be as gentle as a princess.

---All items from Jan PI Kit (except for the Swarovski Crystal)

Saturday, 20 January 2007

M4M January CHallenge - SAME manufacturer

Finally manage to scrap after dd ZZzzzz. Hehheee I am trying VERY hard not to doze off while getting Cerilynn to sleep ;) k, this is for Moms4Moms Jan challenge set by Aida by using e SAME manufacturer PPs in an LO.
Everythings in the LO are from Basic Grey, except for the clear buttons and ribbon. A bit messy thou but i like the end result - very colourful! :D Love the pointed crown stamp (POS) on the BG PP.

Thursday, 18 January 2007


Always dream to have one Ariston Oven from Mayer Marketing and now here is my chance ;D. Since i am redoing my kitchen cabinet so i shall get 1 for myself but...but i cant decide which one to get!!!

1) Multi-Function Oven : FI 51.B IX (Promotion Price: $509)
- Capacity: 56 Litres
- 5 Cooking Programs:- Traditional- Multi-Cooking- Top Heating- Grill- Gratin
- Tangential Ventilation
- Timer Function
- Thermostat Control
- Program Function
- Oven Accessories: 1 Rack, 1 Dripping Tray
- 2 Glass Panel Door
- Energy Efficiency Class: B
2) Catalytic Oven : FC 52 C.2/V IX (Promotion Price: $719)
- Capacity: 56 Litres
- 5 Cooking Programs:- Traditonal - Multi-Cooking - Grill - Gratin - Top Heating
- Tangential Ventilation
- Automatic Cut-Off Timer
- Thermostat Control
- Interior Light
- Catalytic Self-Cleaning Panels
- Energy Efficiency Class: B
3) Experience Line Oven : FZ 61.1 IX (Promotion Price: $709)
- Capacity: 58 Litres
- 6 Cooking Programs: - Traditional - Multi-Cooking - Barbecue- Gratin - Pizza - Baking
- Tangential Ventilation
- Inox Clean Stain Resistant Surface
- Timer Function
- Thermostat Control Function
- Program Function
- 3 Glass Panel Door
- Oven Accessories: 1 Dripping Tray, 1 Grid
- Energy Efficiency Class A
4) Multi-Function Oven : FB 51.2 IX (Promotion Price: $589)
- Capacity: 56 Litres
- 5 Cooking Programs:- Traditonal - Multi-Cooking - Grill - Gratin- Top Heating
- Tangential Ventilation
- Thermostat Control
- Timer
- Interior Light
- Energy Efficiency Class: B

I Got Hearing Problem

DH and DD were waiting for me in the car and Cerilynn was jumping up and down...

Daddy: Cerilynn, stop jumping up and down, Mommy is coming out soon
Cerilynn: No answer and still jumping up and down
Daddy: Can't u hear what i am saying *raising the voice*
Cerilynn: Cerilynn stop immediately and said "Daddy I got hearing problem"!!!
Daddy: *faint*!!!!!


Wednesday, 17 January 2007

Shop Till I Drop!!!

haha...yes i almost DROP! if my dh know, he will sure DROP me!!! I had to put the blame on this christmas ;) i thk is the christmassy mood had trigger my shopping mood ;)

Basically had been shopping since Christmas and almost everywk was my Good Mail Day! These are the things I bot and recd :D

1) Dec Poppyink Kit

2) Down Memory Lane Co - Clearance Sales

3) Dragonfly Theory - Closing Down 40% Sales

4) scrapgal - Sales up to 10%

5) Purple Onion Designs Stamp - Sales up to 50%

6) Catslife Press Stamp - First time organised Spree @ M4M

oh dear...I can sense something very wrong...The Supplies is over the Demand!!! Now my study room is full of SB things and I hardly had time to scrap as i m busy over my kitchen thiggy :( Hopefull can do at lease 1 layout on this weekend!


part of my B were flying away!!!!

Still very excited abt my B ;). Feel sooo relaxing after clearing our CC debt. After discussed with dh, we decided to redo the kitchen cabinet. But after the nx day, i regretted! I was asking myself how come i dun take this $$ for tour!!!! My dreamland === JAPAN. hahaaa but i dun thk my dh will agreed :(

Of cos will get something for myself...tot of getting a wallet but still cant decide which one to get :D

05th January 2007 - BIG B DAY

yes, i must specially mark this day on my calendar..cos is our B day!!! I am richer by few Ks. kekeee how many Ks than is up to u to guess! This year everyone in our company had a GOOD B so we intend to have a mini celerbration @ Ju Shin Jung Korean Rest. on 19 Jan 2006 and we are going to their new branch at East Coast Park. Cant wait for the day!!!! a few of us oreadi drooling on the menu!

Monday, 8 January 2007

HAPPY 2007 @ ZOO

Happy 2007!!! hahaaa this is how we spent our New yr day ---- Singapore Zoological.


Wishing everyone had a Merry Merry Christmas!!! Did this Christmas 2006 mini album & a layout (Why i love xmas) for M4M December Challenge :D

We had a small xmas party at our hse. Invited both side of our family and everyone was having a fun time. Kids were happy becos they get to receive alot of gifts! Cerilynn was so delighted that Santa had actually gave her what she want---a princess dress!!! Do Santa really exis? well, to me is YES and so do Cerilynn ; )

Keekeee...Caught her hugging the dress in the room and said :

Thank you Santa, I love this dress very much. I will keep my promise to be a good girl.


Happy Birthday to my buddy!!! I had a fun time at the party especially meeting those childhood friend! I sincerly wish ur "White Horse Prince" will enter ur life soon ; )