Monday, 31 December 2007

< Merry Christmas & Happy New Year >

Merry Christmas & Happy 2008! May all your wishes come true ;).

This yr, we spent our Xmas Eve in KK Hospital. Instead of having a turkey/ham/wine feast, we had breads and mineral water . C fever went on and off since 8 Dec! On 23 Dec, She cried the whole night complaining her right ear very painful and the fever subsided on 24 Dec. After getting the PD advised, we decided to bring her to KK Hosp for a check up. C was very braved to go thru all the blood, urine and X-ray tests and thanks goodness that everything was ok excepted that her right ear was infected. After a week MC (*Muck* & thanks to my SILs for taking care of her) with tons of medi + antibiotic, she was all fine now. I thk this is our greatest present this yr!!! haha and of cos had to thanks to my Santa Clause of giving me the present that i wish for!!!! yeah, my psp!!!

We are going to enjoy our new yr day tomorrow!!! I hope you enjoy yours too ;)

Some photos to shares...

These are the 12 days of Christmas Presents Kid Swap. These are only some of e presents i manage to snap! (She kept all her presents)

Xmas presents from her ‘姑姑美女’

Xmas presents from her ‘小姑姑美女’

Xmas present from the Santa Clause (haha that's me!)

Surprised that i've received from my swap-bot partners' :D

Surprised for Cerilynn!!! My Bento Box Swap partner (Josephine) had sent this little surprise for C first. My this little princess is enjoying her bubbling now. Ooh how sweet is Josephine. *Muck* (from me) and Big Hugs (from C) to you!!!

Saturday, 22 December 2007

< Performance rehersal for the Xmas Party >

C intend to perfom these 2 during our xmas party:


Hula Hoop

< Some Updates ...>

ok..i let the pictures do the talking *wink*

Cerilynn received her 12 days of Christmas presents (for kids) swap from Becky. She was soo excited when she saw the big box!

12 nicely wrapped presents.

and of cos, she cant wait for Christmas and open one of it :)

Dressed up for the class christmas party.

C @ Ikea Ballroom

Handmade fridge magnet for ChristeL which i own for Swap-bot forum game.

This is for 12 days of comfort & joy, 12th day the trees and used pages from magazine to make the envelop! Wat a great idea! ChristeL fridge magnet was packed inside and now is on the way to USA :)

Christmas Fun Matchbox - Resent to my partner :)

More book thongs for xmas pressies

Thursday, 13 December 2007

< On the Fifth Day: Warm Felt Mittens >

This is for 12 days of comfort & joy, fifth day project...warm felt mittens. Cant decide which tone of pink to use so I used both :D. First time on blanket stitch..hmm..never expect it was soo easy. Had added in some iron-on and laces. When C saw the completed emblished mittens, she immediately 'squeeze' the mittens in her hands and said : "Thanks mommy, u are so kind to make me such a nice mittens, I will put on when my hands are cold". Gosh!! I had hard time explaning to her this is actually for decoration~~~~~~OO~~~~~~

Well, of cos i would forget to snap some pictures of C with the mittens:

Wednesday, 12 December 2007

< Activities @ SwapBot >

I am glad that i discovered Swapbot and i really enjoy sending out and receiving surprise :D

Things that I've send out recently:

***Christmas Card swap***

***Quick and Easy Handmade Swap***
Had made some blank note cards and envelopes to my partners

Packages that i've received recently :

***Quick and Easy Handmade Swap***
Handmade earing from my partner :D Love it :D

***Christmas (fun) time matchbox swap***
Matchbox from my partner, Joanna. Love all the beads inside!!!

Tuesday, 11 December 2007

< 12 Days of Comfort and Joy >

I am thrilled to participating in Teresa McFayden 12 Days of Comfort & Joy. Projects and instruction will be given everyday by Teresa starting from 1st Dec 07 to 12th Dec 07. Till date, there are 10 projects featured online (left 2 more!)...hehee but i only managed to complete 2 projects :

On the 2nd Day : Christmas Collage

This is my first collage. I am quite satisfying with the end result. wow i still cant believed this was actually done by me!

On the 8th Day : Magic Pocket Card
This project look superb easy but i just cant get the right folding and after a few ended up with 2 pockets instead of 1!!!! Anyway, it look ok to me so I jus settle w 2 pockets :). Had specially made a card and a book thong to tuck in this magic pocket card and all this will be sending to one of my long lost friend :)

Had jus brought the felts. hmmm...tonight will going to try the fifth day project. Will keep updating all the project once i had finish :)

Wednesday, 5 December 2007

< 12 Days of Christmas Swap Just for Kids >

Had explained to C about swapping at swapbot so when i told her that she will be joining in the fun of swapping with other country friend for 12 days of Christmas, she get very excited and worry. She worried that her partner might not know where is Singapore as Singapore is sooo tiny in the map (LOL).

Her partner, Tayler is a 9 years old girl who lived in USA. We had fun time shopping/handmade the gifts for her. I hope Tyler will like the gifts that we had sent.

kekeee here are some sneek peeky for Tyler :

< Craft...Craft...Craft >

Craft work that i did over last wkend ;)

Book Thongs ... These are simple to make and it made a nice gift.

Simple flower book thong - i love this very much ;)

Button Fairy - my 2nd one ;)

chicken Potpourri? hehee dun no wat to call this!

Monday, 3 December 2007

< All I Want For Christmas ... >

is PSP slim, PSP slim, PSP slim... keekeee we (me & C) keep singing this to our santa claus.

Sunday, 2 December 2007

< Cerilynn's Graduation Concert >

(The N2 Lions - ROAR!)

(My proud little lion, Cerilynn)

Last Friday (30th Nov 07) was C graduation concert. This yr the concert was held at Civil Service College and the auditorium was much smaller as compared to last yr venue. I thk due to this reason, this yr Playgp and N1 students never get to perform in the concert. What a waste! I always think this is a good way of exposing the kids.

This yr, C performed in Lions Dance (haha not that type of traditional lion dance). They had been praticing since July. As usual, C took it very seriously and a few times, i caught her scolding her own leg "naughty" jus becos she had missed some dance steps! (LOL).

Before the concert start, I was busy looking at the pictures and the funny thing was...I had a hard time recongnised which one is Cerilynn!!! Never espect that they will put on such a thick make up. {side note: Looking at C's face with the make up...suddently i realised that C had grown up!!! kekee so coincident that DH also had the same tot! haha i thk is time for TTC!!!}

This yr theme was jungle animals and the title was called ...The Proud Lion, the synopsis was about how the proud lion king withnessed the beauty of his kingdom while he was trapped by the hunter.

It was an enjoyable night and i was sooo proud with C and most importantly she herself enjoy it very much. As promised, will bring C to Ikea's ballroom tomorrow as a reward :).

Here are some photos that DH took during and after the concert:

(My fiece little lion, Cerilynn keep telling us this part cannot smile)

(My little vainpot lion, Cerilynn)

(C dance partner, Joshua. C said want to marry J as he always cheer her up when she had missed her dance steps!!! ooOh my goodness, she and her married theory again LOL)

(Cerilynn posing w her best friend, Crystal..This two, never get enough for each other..too good until the teacher had to seperate them some time (LOL)..I am so glad that she had a best friend!)

(C with friends, Cystal, ShiQian, Asley)

(C with her English Teacher, Ms Trina Ng)

( C with her chinese teacher, Wang lao shi. She is also the one who planned the lions dance)

(Now i know why C told me she like to dance as a Famingo instead of a lion. haha the famingo dressed like a ballerina!!!)

ok..**yawn** that's all for now. Will post more photos tomorrow...opis..i mean today ;)

< Sneak peeky... >

for Sheila! kekeee Sheila ...this christmas tree is on the way to ur house! i hope you will like it (pray hard)!

(Vintage Christmas Stocking Swap Host by Sandy)